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Title: Their story
Fandom: Desperate Housewives
Pairings: Andrew/Justin
Rating: NC-17
Chapter: 3 - Had a good night?
Word Count:
about 2013
Disclaimer: I don't own Desperate Housewives, but I wish I would. I don’t make any money with this.
Summary: The whole story starts with the missing scene from episode 1.15 “Impossible”

Thanks to hennahito for the correct

As we were in my room he asked me “Have you ever slept with a guy?” Shaking my head I answered wordlessly. “What about a girl? I saw you with some girls.” My eyes fell and he knew at that moment. “It’s OK! I’m glad, ’cause it makes you even more interesting. And for me it’s an honor to be the first in you life.” “What about you?” I tried to take the attention away from me. “With a guy?” I nodded. “To say the truth: Yes.” Lying on my bed he told me the story to calm me down.
“It was a guy from my swim team. An older one, he was nineteen and his name was Jake. Once, about eight months ago, we were the last under the shower and he asked me if I could soup his back. I saw no problem in it, so I did it. Then he did the same to me. Suddenly I felt he was kissing my neck and that really turned me on. He turned me to face him and kissed me. Only one touch of my cock made me hard. He jerked me and it felt so much better then with a girl. They mostly don’t know what to do, but he did. Finally he knelt down and blew my cock. The orgasm I had then was the best in my life. The second time we had real sex and I was on top. It was at a party. I never thought that anal sex would be that good.”
“What happened to him, I mean, are you still seeing him?” I asked with a little bit of jealousy. “Shortly after that he became a sport stipendiary student and went to a college in Dallas. I’ve never seen him again, he didn’t even call” Andrew answered. “Do you miss him?” “No! It was just sex, no feelings, pure lust.” Hearing those words made me a little bit sad. “And, were there more guys in you life?” I wanted to know everything now. “No, I think there wasn’t an opportunity at all those parties. Plus, I’m not that type of guy who likes the typical fags.” “Typical fags?” I asked curiously. “Yeah, you know, those who like to buy tons of clothes, are acting like girls and have those moves.”
“And with how many girls did you sleep?” I continued to ask about his sex life. This was the most serious conversation that we have ever had, even though we were both naked. “It wasn’t that much: four.” “Four? You’re sixteen Andrew, that’s pretty much for this age! And were you in love with any of those girls?” “No, those were just one night stands. You know at someone’s party, getting drunk, touching, and so on.” I started to be afraid that this boy can’t fall in love with anyone.
“You sure you wanna talk the whole night?” I became nervous. “I don’t know.” “I mean, we don’t need to have sex if you think it’s too soon for you.” His words were calming and his eyes showed he was serious. He gave me a soft kiss on my lips and just rested his head on my chest like a kitten. I was playing with his hair and thinking: “Am I ready? Shouldn’t my first time be something very special, something I can remember my whole life?”
“I’m glad you called” I said to break the silence. “I’m glad to have you as a friend” Andrew quickly completed. Lying there we enjoyed the time we had together. I played with his hair; he touched my right nipple with his left hand. I could swear he wanted to hear how my heart was beating as he pressed his ear to my chest.
“Andy, I don’t think I’m ready. Would it be a problem for you to wait?” I asked hoping that he would say no. All those things he said about his sex life made me afraid he could let me fall in love when he gets sex without any emotions. “I’ll wait if you promise me to never call me Andy again!” Andrew answered. “Why?” “Girls call me like that and it sounds stupid. I don’t feel like a child anymore.”
Another minutes of silence came. The perfect silence of two bodies lying next to each other, naked as God created them. This time it was Andrew, who broke the silence. “What about touching? Is simple touching OK for you?” he asked and started moving his fingers down to my stomach. “You know this turns me on” I replied. “Can see that” he said pointing to my cock, which quickly moved like it would get an alignment command. We kissed passionately, he ignored my cock and went with his hand down to my balls.
“Did you ever had an orgasm without touching your cock?” he asked. “Huh?” I answered with a question, not knowing what he meant. “Well, there’s a special spot on man’s body.” “Really?” “Yep, you wanna try it?” It sounded very interesting so I nodded to the offered petting. “You need to relax and spread your thighs” he said and I promptly did. “Now listen attentively: It’s gonna be hot, but you have to stay relaxed. The more you stay so, the better the orgasm will be.” Now I was really turned on, only because of his experienced words.
Andrew started with kissing and biting my lips. His hand moved from my neck, through my chest, stomach, groin, cock and balls to the spot between my balls and ass. He massaged it, causing my whole body to shake. In a reflex I flexed the muscles. “Relax or I’ll stop immediately!” Andrew said angrily into my ear. Although I was in ecstasy, I obeyed.
One minute later I came. It was like an explosion, literally. The cum landed all over my chest and some drops also on my face. Andrew laughed and licked the drops from my face. Then he took a handkerchief from the nightstand and dried the rest of my body.
“Did I promise too much? I mean, was I good?” he asked silently looking into my eyes. “Fucking good” I answered without a second thought. “Guess you don’t wanna shower again?” “After this I would do anything with you” I said still breathless. “Like you said, we’re gonna wait.” Andrew relaxed laying his head on my shoulder and hanging his leg over my thigh. After a few minutes he fell asleep. I was tired too, but took my time to watch him sleep.
I woke up at six o’clock as usual, but that morning with a wonderful feeling. Andrew’s head was still on my shoulder. He looked like a child, so peaceful and innocent like a satisfied tom-cat, that’s in love with me. I decided to wake him up, knowing that he needs to be home soon I wanted to enjoy every minute with him. As I kissed him on his lips, he woke up and smiled at me. “Had a good night?” he asked stretching his back. “The best of my entire life” I said and at that moment I knew I was in love with this boy.
“Want some coffee?” I asked putting my boxers on. “A coffee would be nice.” I opened the door of my room and ran directly into John’s arms. “You’re at home?” I asked shocked. “Yeah I just came a minute ago” he answered before he looked through the wide opened door. Andrew was still lying naked on my bed. “Hi John” he said with a bright smile on his face. “Oh” – that was the only word John could say with his mouth hanging open, standing there like a pillar of salt. “Look John, I…” “No man, I’m too tired and drunk for a serious discussion. Let’s talk about it when I take a long deep sleep.” John went to his room and didn’t even slam the door, so I guess he wasn’t mad at me.
“Guess you haven’t imagined your coming out like this?” Andrew asked. “It’s OK, it doesn’t matter if he sees or hears that” I replied proudly. “OK then, you make coffee, breakfast is my task” he said as he started to dress. “You wanna make breakfast?” I asked surprised. “Sex isn’t the only thing I’m good at” he answered and started looking for some food in the fridge. He made some ham-and-eggs.
I drove him back to his place. “So, when do I see you again” I wanted to know when the time came for him to go. “Don’t know, it’s really stressful here, so I can get quickly grounded” Andrew said like he wouldn’t want to see me again. “But we will still see each other at school” I completed. “Sure we will” he said before he left. I did understand that he didn’t kiss me, someone could see us. I drove back home, took a shower and went to school. We didn’t see each other the whole day.
As I came back home, John was there, sitting on the couch, eating chips and drinking a beer. “Hi” I said nervously. “Hello Justin” he sounded serious. “Guess we need to talk, huh?” I asked. “No, we don’t need to talk. I mean there was plenty of time we could talk” he answered. “Are you mad at me?” “Yeah, I’m mad at you because you didn’t tell me! I thought I’m one of your best friends” he didn’t even look in my eyes. “Look John, I didn’t even know myself. I even tried to sleep with an older woman to know for sure.”
He calmed down a little bit. God bless I didn't tell him that the older woman was Gabrielle. John would kill me, for sure. “So you’re gay?” “Yeah, hope it isn’t a problem for you, I mean, I can move out…” I was completely serious. “Are you stupid? You mean your sexual orientation changes something between us? No way, buddy!”
Four days later I also decided to tell the truth to my parents. As I turned eighteen I’ve moved out, wanting to stand on my own. John was easy, this would be the hard part, but I knew one day the moment must come. The sooner, the better. So I drove back to my previous home and thought the entire drive about the best way to tell my parents that they shouldn’t expect grandchildren. I prepared them with a call telling them I have to talk about something very important to me.
Sitting at the kitchen table and eating my mom’s cookies my father asked me: “So, son, what’s the important thing?” I took a deep breath a tried to calm my hard beating heart down. “Mom, dad, I’m sorry, but I’m gay.” A very long silence came along. Both of my parents looked shocked. “What? How?” my father couldn’t find the right words. “Are you sure? Isn’t it just a damn phase?” he asked and his face turned red. “No dad, it’s not a phase, I have a boyfriend.” “Get your fucking faggot ass out of my house” my father yelled. “Jim!” my mother started to cry. “Shut your mouth Evelyn!” “Dad, please” I tried to calm him down. “You debased the entire family and we can’t love you anymore! Don’t show your ass here until you change!” Then he took me by the collar of my shirt and physically threw me out of the door.
Quickly I sat into my car and drove just a few blocks away. I stopped and rested my head on the steering wheel. Near tears I took my cell and called Andrew. “Andy, I really need you now!” I said before he even could say hi. “Where are you?” he asked without being mad that I called him ‘Andy’ again. “I’m next to my parents place, I told them.” “Drive home, I’ll be there as soon as possible. It’ll be all right, trust me” Andrew said and I knew I’m ready to drive again.
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