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MAJOR SPOILER: Andrew in season 5

Is "Desperate Housewives" headed for a five year gap? 

Televisionista has been following the Desperate Housewives beat steadily, providing us some tantalizing rumors about where the show might be headed in the next season. One possibility for the fifth season of the suburbia satire has the show jumping ahead five years, leaving the viewers to catch upon what has happened in the meantime.

Intriguing enough, but the latest addition to that rumor gets even more interesting: in it, only one of Wisteria Lane's desperate househusbands will still be around when the show picks up five years later, and he'll be sharing his home with Andrew Van De Kamp.

Desperate Housewives is one of those series that I've gone back-and-forth with ... there's plenty that makes me want to give up on the series - particularly the way these characters don't seem to learn from their mistakes - but every time I'm ready to give up on the show something pulls me back in (something usually involving the Van De Kamp family). Still, it's been a while since a rumored storyline really grabbed my attention and this "five years later" story does that.

And I like the idea of Andrew breaking up Bob and Lee (or just stepping in after some other force splits them up) since it makes the househusbands a part of the last interesting family on Wisteria Lane, giving them a pretty strong connection into the dynamics of the neighborhood. I'd hope the relationship would be pretty accepted by the time we join the story, so that Bree's reaction (and journey to acceptance) can be left as something to be discovered with all the other secrets of those five years.

Of course, it's just a rumor so I'm just imagining the possibilities ... what do you think? Do you see potential here? Will it finally give Andrew something interesting to do and, more importantly, give Bob or Lee the chance to be a more interesting character than Betty Applewhite? 



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