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Andrew & Justin
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I got a buddy. We get together, mess around, but it's no big deal. Just lately, I've been starting to, like, care about him and I don't know how to handle it.
- Justin, Ep 1.15 (Impossible)

Since you watched Ep. 15 of Desperate Housewives, have you been hanging around swimming pools in the hopes of finding two hot boys making out? Wanting to locate and hug Justin when Andrew says he's not gay? (He's a liar, but we love him just the same.) Sending Teri Hatcher hate mail saying 'Why'd you interrupt them, you idiot? It's pretty obvious it wasn't your daughter in that pool. It was just getting interesting!'

Well, then you're on the right community. Anything even remotely Andrew/Justin is welcomed here - fanfics, pictures, info on the actors - you name it, we'll love it.

Nudity is welcomed and encouraged. (Where would this OTP have been without it?)

There isn't really a formal set of rules - just be nice to everyone. (All we need chocolate ice cream and a pool party to be happy, after all).

That's it, so... Have fun!

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