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Fic - Rock Bottom part 2

Title: Rock Bottom (part 2)
Characters: Andrew
Rating: NC 17 / Adult
Summary: How did Andrew come to have that bruise on his face, and what sort of life has he been living on the streets?
Warnings: Set in S2.  Non-con, graphic M/M scenes.

 Will be 'multi-parts' because of length.


Since Justin, I've only done it with one other guy and that was pretty tame.  He was small and didn't last long, pretty unsatisfying though he seemed pleased with himself.  Justin and me, we'd played around a little, but had never gone all the way until we actually became serious.  We'd only been serious for a short while before mom dumped me in the middle of nowhere and lets just say I was more of a top in the relationship, fucked Justin more times than he'd fucked me, which was only three times.  This guy was well hung, certainly seemed to know what he was doing and I'm starting to get afraid of what damage he could end up doing to me.  I try not to think if he's done this before, rode bareback with other guys without a care to them or evidently himself.

The side of the bed dips and he's climbing onto it, I don't look at him but he's still fully clothed as he straddles my back, he's taller and heavier than me and it's uncomfortable as he sits on me.  I can feel the breath in my lungs slowly filtering out as he leans down over me, running fingers along my sides.  I keep my eyes closed but my face to the side so I can breathe, what little breathe I can pull into body with his weight settled right on top of me.  I try and ignore the shakiness of my breath, my nerves starting to get the better of me.  Sitting back, he's moving and I sense something drop by my face.  I open my eyes to find it's his tie which he's pulled snake like from where it hung open at his neck. Leaning forward again he's pushing at my arms.

"Put your arms above your head." He tells me, once more the tone making it an order, daring me to disobey.

I eye the tie and realise what he's planning to do and panic sets in again.  I move my arms but not above me, instead planting my palms in the mattress and trying to sit up slightly.

"Hey I'm right here with you mister, no need to-."

A heavy blow halts my words in and instead my head whips round and hits the mattress, cheek throbbing from where his fist has just glanced off the bone under my eye.  My arms buckle from the shock of the punch and I know I'm in real trouble here as I feel him grabbing one of my wrists and the feel of material wrapping round it.  I can't focus, the punch knocked the breath out of me and the throbbing in my cheek is starting to spread over the side of my face.  Before I can get my bearings he's pulling at my other arm and I feel the touch of material wrapping round my other wrists before it's pulled sharply against the other and he binds my hands together.

"I'm going for a shower, wouldn't want you leaving before the fun begins." He tells me, hands resting on my shoulders as he leans over me.

His weight lifts from me and he's gone from the bed.  I blink a little, trying to rid the smarting in my eyes.  I pull on my arms, the tie's wrapped around the headboard and securely bound to my wrists.  I look up at them,  even if I sit up I'd not be able to untie the knots.  If I managed to sit up I may be able to keep him off me for a while, try and get a few good kicks in, but he's got a serious advantage over me here and I'm afraid of how dangerous he could get if I don't co-operate.

I can hear the shower in the bathroom and turn my head, he's left the door open and I can see him quickly washing himself down, a clear view of the bed should I try anything.  The safest option as I see it is to comply with whatever he's got in mind and I drop my face to the pillow, squeezing my eyes shut to stop the tears that are threatening to fall.  My face aches from where he punched me and I know I'll have a bruise come morning from it.  I listen, breathing in  stale air through the material of the pillow and hear the shower turn off.  Silence again as he towels off, and I'm aware of my skin starting to get goose bump from the cold air of the room.

"Now then kid, remember how I expected to see that ass being presented to me?" He's testing me but I'm not about to make this experience worse than it's already turned out to be.

It's with reluctance that I force myself to bring my knees up under me from where I've been lying stretched out. Having my hands tied above my head doesn't help but I manage to do it without taking much time.  I suck in a ragged breath, hide my face in the pillow and lift up my hips, screwing my face up like if I close my eyes none of this is happening, it's just a bad dream and when I open them it will all be over.

Only it's not a bad dream or a nightmare. It's real and he's by the bed and I can feel his fingers running slowly up my thigh to the curve of my ass.  The bed dips again and he places his hand on the small of my back as he positions himself behind me.  

"Spread your legs, show me what you've got for me boy." He growls, his voice low and edgy.

I ignore the flush of embarrassment I can feel rushing over me as I do as he tells me, spreading my knees further apart.  His hand slides from my back and over my ass as he sighs in approval with an 'Oh yeah', like this is what he's been looking forward to all day.

"You've got lucky kid." He says and I hear the tiniest of 'clicks' as he speaks.  "Someone left some lube in the bathroom cabinet, so at least I'll have something to help me slide into that pretty tight little pucker you got waiting for me."

I try not to breath too happy a sigh of relief at this piece of information.  He's still gonna fuck me bare but at least the lube will make things a little easier.  I feel a finger probing at said pucker and try to relax, this won't go well if I'm all nerved up. It isn't easy and he isn't gentle, uncaring about whether I'm ready for it, after a few small probings he forces the finger past the ring of muscle and I bite my lower lip as he jerks it in an out a few times.  He pulls it out and probes again, this time with two and once more forces them past my hole with barely time for me to prepare for them.  I try and breath, feeling the fingers jerking rather than sliding in and out.  He doesn't care, just wants to help himself along a little.  What I want here doesn't even register in his mind.  He doesn't pause to think that perhaps if he took a little time, I'd make this good for him.  He wouldn't have to force it out of me.  But I think he gets off on the power trip he's getting from this. I'm sure the image of a young man tied up and offering their ass to him is a turn on too.

After probing and scissoring his fingers a few times and not nearly enough time to prepare me fully, (I remember Justin enjoyed taking his time preparing me, the few times he fucked me), he withdraws his fingers again.  One hand stays on my ass and I know he's lubing himself up, then his other hands settles on my hip and I can feel the stickiness of lube on his fingers as they grip onto me.  I take in a breath,  try to relax and be willing to this as I feel the dull rounded head settle at my hole.  He's pushing in and the only sound I can hear is him sucking in a breath as his fingers bite into my skin.

I can taste blood on the tip of my tongue from where I'm biting down on my lower lip and squeeze my eyes shut as tears start to well up in them.  My ass feels like it's being stretched and I'm trying to relax into the feeling, this is only just starting and the pains going to get worse.  It's not a sharp pain, more like a dull permanent ache mixing with the harsh grip of his fingers on my sides.  He grunts in approval at his progress, although I feel stretched and full I know he's only just started entering me.  I can't hold in the yell of pain as he suddenly jerks his hips, pulling at me from where his fingers grip me as he harshly pushes into me.  What little lube he used helps him slide inside, but my body's fighting this intrusion and my ass feels stretched and stuffed, I grind my teeth together to stop any groans of pain escaping from me.

He pauses, with a satisfied 'Fuck yeah' of approval before he starts to pull out and jerking back in again.  I bury my face into the pillow as he starts to fuck me and feel a flush of shame start to rise within me as I feel myself getting hard.  I moan as a sudden shiver of pleasure hits me as his cock brushes against my prostate and he pauses when he hears me, obviously hearing my small moan of approval.  He pulls back and fucks into me again and once more brushes that small bud of nerves inside which gives me a sudden tingle of pleasure and I can feel myself getting hard from the stimulation despite of how it's being given.

"Oh yeah, like that don't you." He growls and one of his hands leaves go of my hip and slides under me, I feel it grip around my shaft.

The extra friction of his fingers wrapped around my cock as he pushes into me again makes me harder and  I'm not even fighting the feel of it.  I'm totally out of control with this, though that coiled sickened feeling in my stomach hasn't subsided.  It grows even more as I react to his movements, his fingers creating a tight 'o' I'm fucking into with every thrust he gives to me.   He's enjoying getting me off this way, knows it wrong but he thrives on the power surge it gives him, knows I can't help but react to what he's doing.  It's the wrong type of reaction but I'm not even putting up a fight, just accepting and taking it, like a good fuck whore should.

I know I'm moaning, partly through gritted teeth because this is wrong and I don't want this.  But the pleasure is too much to ignore and he's punishing my prostate with his cock head, jerking his hips, purposefully aiming for that spot he knows is causing my body to enjoy this.

"You like that you little cock tease? Want more?" He's playing me, fucking with my head and I'm moaning in reaction because I can't last much longer.  

Although I don't want to I'm pushing my hips back to meet him,  needing that little extra to push me over the edge and he's happily obliging my efforts.  The hand gripping around my shaft starts moving up and down faster and I groan at the extra stimulation and suddenly I jerk as he gives a sharp pull at my hip, fucking into me with a renewed force.  My body tenses and I'm seeing sharp spots of white behind my eyelids, my body bucking as his hand milks my cock, making sure I ride the orgasm out as he stills a moment, my ass muscles spasming round his hard shaft.

I bury my face deep into the pillow, ashamed of what's just happened, wanting to curl into a ball and hide myself.  Only I'm aware of the material now digging into my wrists, my arms are starting to ache.  I can taste bile in my throat and suddenly I have a mental picture in my head of what this must look like.  I shut of the image and even worse the thoughts starting to filter into my head, that this kind of play was just the kind of play Dad was into.

He's moving again and I'm aware of my whole body aching.  My arms are painfully tensed, my wrists tingling from the tug of material.  My back aches from it's bent low position and my leg muscles are cramping.  His fingers are clenching into my hips again and I know I'll have marked bruises there when this is all over, and my ass aches with a strange sensation I know I'll be aware of long after this is over.  He's moving faster now and I'm silently begging for this to be over soon.  I can hear his voice but it's a monotonous drone of 'Fuck yeahs' and 'so fucking tight kid' and varied remarks on how much of a cock whore I am, mixed in with pleasured moans of enjoyment and heavy dragged in breaths.  His moans become more insistent and he's slamming into me with more force now, I feel like he's trying to crawl right inside me, persistent in making sure he gets the best out of this experience.

I can feel him losing control, his bodies reactions too much for him to keep up with.  His thrusts become erratic and his fingers must be knuckle white because their grip tightens and he's grinding against me balls deep as he growls deep, the sounds guttural in my ears and I can feel his cum shooting into me, it's warm and his cock is pulsing in my abused passage.  His grip finally lifts as he sucks in deep breaths of satisfaction.

My body is shivering from ache and tension when he finally pulls away from me.  I don't move even when he unties me, I feel like a discarded rag doll, boneless and lifeless.  He pads off to the bathroom and shuts the door and I move tentatively.  Everywhere hurts, even my jaw where I've been clenching my teeth together.  My cheek throbs with a dull pain from where he hit me and I turn onto my side slowly, facing the bathroom so I can see when he emerges, though I'm loathe to look at him.  I feel exhausted, like I used to after a swim meet after a challenging race.  Closing me eyes I try not to think about what's just happened and a slow ebb of drowsiness starts to filter in on my senses.

I must have drifted into sleep because I jump slightly hearing the bathroom door open again.  He's standing in the doorway, clothed once more with a satisfied smug smirk on his lips.  He heads for the door and pauses at the desk.

"Thanks kid, it's been memorable.  Something to remember me by." He says, holding up his tie to me and dropping it in a pile atop the desk and picking up his jacket.  He pulls his wallet from it's pocket and takes out a note, placing it atop of the tie, payment for my services.  "Rooms paid for until morning, you may as well stick around the rest of the night.  Just be out by seven, wouldn't want to get yourself into trouble now would you."

With that he's opened the door and disappeared into the night.  I don't move for a moment, like I'm waiting for him to come back.  I hear a car rev up in the parking lot and eventually move, stumbling from the bed to the bathroom.  I feel like I'm going to throw up but aside from some dry heaving over the toilet I'm okay.  I lean over the sink, my fingers going white the way I'm gripping onto the white edge.  I can see red marks on my wrists and close my eyes before lifting my head and looking in the mirror.  It's like I'm not me anymore.  I see my reflection but don't recognise the guy looking back at me.  There's a darkening bruise swelling just under my eye from where he hit me and suddenly my vision is blurring from tears. Wiping the back of my hand across my face I try to subdue them and turn to the shower.

 I turn on the water and step under it, telling myself it's to take advantage of having such a commodity at my disposal. Who knows when I'll next get a shower.  Only I pick up the soap and scrub at my skin until it starts going red and the heat of the water feels like it's scalding into me, washing him away.  Standing under the flow I can cry and pretend I'm not, salty tears mixing with hot steamy water.  When I finally emerge I get dressed quickly, opening the bathroom I look at the bed with a mixture of longing and loathing.  I'd have stayed but the thought of lying on the bed after what's just happened makes me sick to my stomach again and instead I go to the door, pausing at the desk.  

It's only then I notice all he left me is a fifty, it lies atop the tie like a mocking reminder that I'm new to this and that I got in way too deep.  A rookie mistake and I deserved the punishment for it, at least that's what I tell myself when I pocket the fifty and leave the tie lying on the desk.  If I take the money, what just happened wasn't rape, it was my own fault for getting in over my head.  Next time I make sure they pay up first and if they want to get kinky, I'll charge more.  I don't look back when I let myself out of the room and skulk into the shadows to leave the motel and get back to my small corner in the alley surrounded by familiar streets.

I try to forget the nights events and assure myself that it won't happen again.

~T B C~
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Part Three will be posted soon
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